Intel Corp. is Auctioning Thousands of Mobile Patents

11:16 07/04/2019

Intel INTC  is out of the 5G arena and now it's auctioning thousands of mobile patents according to a report.

IAM has reported that the chip maker is auctioning off roughly 8,500 patents and is hoping for nonbinding bids by early next month.

The company's portfolio includes roughly 6,000 patents that are related to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile modem standards, 1,700 patents around wireless implementation technologies and 500 patents that have “broad applicability” across the semiconductor and electronics industries, said the IAM report.

The IAM report also revealed that the auction will be handled by Sullivan & Cromwell and would be led by partner Nader Mousavi.

It was earlier in the year that Intel decided to get out of the mobile modem business and said it was quitting the 5G market. This was when Apple settled a long running legal dispute with Qualcomm Corp. and said it would buy 5G modems from the latter company again.

Intel had said it was canceling a line of smartphone 5G chips that had been slated for 2020 launches.

'In the smartphone modem business it has become apparent that there is no clear path to profitability and positive returns,' Intel CEO Bob Swan said at the time.

According to the IAM report, Intel is launching the auction process for its wireless IP separate to its current efforts to sell its smartphone modem business. The report did say however that a prospective buyer may look to pick up both.


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