Baidu CEO is Soaked With Water by Unidentified Man While Giving Speech

11:18 07/04/2019

You have to hand it to Robin Li, the CEO of China's multinational technology company Baidu BIDU .

While giving a speech this week, an unidentified man went on stage and poured a bottle of water on the executive's head.

Li was delivering a routine keynote address when a man in a black t-shirt who had an event pass, poured the water on the billionaire's head ten minutes into his speech.

Li had been introducing AI-powered valet parking service when the incident happened.

“What’s your problem?” Li said in English to the man. “As everyone has just seen, there will be a variety of unexpected happenings on the road to AI,” joked the CEO.

While Li was startled by what happened, he didn't let it phase him and continued on with his roughly 40 min speech before he left the stage. The man was taken away by police for investigating.

Li is headed to the Baidu artificial intelligence developers’ forum in Beijing.

Baidu “strongly” condemned the act in a statement posted on Weibo, calling it “shameful” and “disturbing.” The man is being held for five days.

At the two-day conference that began on July 3rd, attended by more than 7,000 developers, partners and media from around the world, Baidu revealed many milestones.

The company has entered a strategic partnership with China’s leading automaker Geely where CEO Li and Li Shufu, Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, personally announced the partnership at the conference.

Baidu also announced a collaboration between deep learning platform PaddlePaddle and Huawei’s Kirin Chip and showcased its first L4 autonomous passenger vehicle production line in collaboration with Hongqi of leading carmaker FAW Group.

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